Confronted With Real Power

Me in Mitt Romney's chairOn October 14, 2012, I had the rare opportunity to sit in a seat of true power. I was able to visit the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign Tour Bus and actually sit in the small room in the back that serves as Mitt Romney’s traveling office. I tell you what, the awesome solemnity of sitting in the chair where a man who could literally be come the most powerful person on the planet was a bit overwhelming.

Today many of my friends and colleagues will have the opportunity to stand at the feet of Bernie Sanders.  I am so very excited for each and every one of you for getting the opportunity to see the man who you believe can do so much.  So many people believe in so many varied and sundry candidates and ballot issues.  No matter who or what you support, never ever let anyone shun you or make you feel as if you are any better or worse off than they just because you believe differently than they do.

This blog entry is not meant as an endorsement of any campaign; however, it was fascinating to sit in the chair where the man who could potentially be making important decisions that will have vast and universally global sweeping consequences sat and that is something I will never take lightly.

For all of you who have an audience with Senator Sanders tonight, take a moment to realize the man you are seeing standing before you could potentially be the man with the most powerful job in the known universe, and let the weight of the moment rest with your soul.

I believe it is my duty as an individual with a voice to share my thoughts and opinions. I believe it to be an expression of my First Amendment Rights to share my viewpoints on a vast array of subjects. I also feel called to share with you this, seek deep in your heart and soul when you vote. Please, vote with your whole conscience and vote where you feel most lead – not just the lesser of two evils.

There are multiple choices out there to choose from, so please do not settle. This is not the time to be passive. This is the time to stand up and make your full voice heard.

Success Shaming – America’s New Normal

Photo of street sign announcing opening of Bojangle's Fried Chicken in Huntington, West Virginia
Photo of street sign announcing opening of Bojangles’ Fried Chicken in Huntington, West Virginia – Follow Bojangles’ on Twitter by clicking the photo above.

I have never seen an area so hellfire bent on shaming success as The United States of America seems to be at the moment!  It almost seems as if “Success Shaming” seems to be America’s New Normal and I honestly do not get it.

When Frisch’s Big Boy opened in Ironton, Ohio, the opening day was the most financially successful opening day of any store in the entire chain’s history.  Certainly, the grand opening of Bojangles’ Fried Chicken in Huntington, West Virginia has to be on the fast track to the same achievement.  The more successful a store is, the more tax dollars they bring to the local area.   If a store is busy, that will result in the need to hire additional staff (employees) creating new jobs.  However, in the instances of these two startups, the local area seems extremely put off that a business would succeed.

Back when Big Boy opened, and now with the opening of Bojangles’, I am seeing endless complaints and arguments regarding the increase of traffic and have actually seen people commenting regarding how others spend their money.

The honest truth is, the key to a financial turnaround of any area requires this type of success!

I refuse to complain about the inconvenience of the traffic flow due to a new restaurant opening when I see a long-closed gas station in the background of the attached photo.  Empty retail areas equate eyesores to areas which equates to difficulties in local improvements and betterments of cities.  Urban decay is a problem. Let’s focus on the closed and rundown instead of criticizing that which is thriving and succeeding in our society…unless we really do support success shaming in America.

So, kids, let’s stop complaining about success and progress, and actually get out and support our communities and wish them well, shall we?

Thank You – Thank You – Ten Thousand Times – Thank You

All too often it is as simple as pausing, looking at someone, and saying you are my…

Inspiration! Thank you!!!

I have so many people to thank each and every day for getting me this far on my journey, and for helping pave the way for even more great things to come!  To each and every single person who has been a little piece of this puzzle called my life, I simply say…you are my inspiration!  Thank you!

Subscribe on iTunesThat said, thanks to the inspiration of Mr. X, I am now doing a podcast on iTunes!  Check out The Davey Boy Show Podcast on iTunes now!  You can read my ramblings here on this site and now you can subscribe for FREE to my podcast and actually hear my ramblings.

Each and every day, well maybe not every day, but frequently, you can hear my warm and friendly voice whispering (and often shouting) words of wisdom directly to the Internet connected device of your choice.  I have found it very cathartic to open up myself on a regular basis, and to be able to do so both on this site and with my voice on my new podcast.  I really do hope you join me over on The Davey Boy Show Podcast and remain reading my words here.  I feel that I have recently made many great changes (for the better) and hope to shine bright like a diamond and hope that you will allow me to help entertain you and help make you smile and maybe even offer the shoulder to cry on when that is needed as well.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have stood by me during the difficult times, and know things are getting better kids…things are getting better!  

Manic Monday

To say I am a little less than low-key disappointed in the lack of sleep I had last night is an extreme under statement.  I promise, when I am in creative mode, I never sleep and when I do not sleep, my body does not like me.  When my body does not like me, things slow down and I fall out of creative mode.

Today is going to be another…

Manic Monday

…and I have a feeling there will simply not be enough coffee in all of Starbuckslandia to keep me awake during my shift today.

That said, I am completely and wholeheartedly thankful that my brain has decided to engage and start the wheels turning toward some progress in my life.  Here’s to all the caffeine in the world and prayers I will stay awake through it all and be still alive.

Sunday #Goals

Sunday #Goals

Every day we are given is a day we are given to make our own independent decision to create, to meet our personal goals, and to strive to be a little better today than we were yesterday – or not. I have three goals left to accomplish today and I have chosen to complete them before I go to bed tonight.

    1. I have been extremely lazy today. Each day my personal goal is to simply walk 5000 steps, 1k of each workday of the week. Today I am sadly 3k+ steps away from my goal. We are only given one body in this life; therefore, I must fulfill my promise to my body to provide it a baseline adequate amount of exercise each 24 hour period.
    2. I have a trip planned this upcoming weekend and need supplies from my local Wal-Mart Supercenter for the trip. I know that to walk two complete circuits around the store is 3k steps; therefore, why not complete #1 and #2 together?
    3. There are some creative projects that I need to tend to – technical knowledge needs gained, rehearsals need to be completed, and content that is ready to produce needs to be finalized. I cannot complete all of this goal, but some of this will be completed by the end of the day.

Now…there are only 6 hours and 40 minutes remaining in the day….

Meat Loaf Live – Lawrenceburg Event Center (04/09/2016)

Let me begin by saying that I was front row center for the show, and was literally less than five feet away from the legendary Sex God of Rock & Roll, Meat Loaf, for the entirety of the night!  Being that close, and listening to recent interviews with Meat Loaf, I was on alert to watch for the subtle changes in character shifts between songs…take note…they are there!  It is like a Master’s Class in Rock Theater to be that close and watch Meat Loaf do his thing like no one else can on this (or any other) planet!

Meat Loaf Live In ConcertThe show was “An Evening With…” meaning no opening act and no bells and whistles, just a straightforward rock and roll extravaganza.  That said, this was a set list sprinkled with a definite storyline.  The show began with tribal drum beats from all of The Neverland Express and we were soon invited to party it up with Meat Loaf with the opening number, Runnin’ For The Red Light (I Gotta’ Life) shouts of “gonna have a good time tonight” which quickly took a turn for the bad as gears shifted with the sudden interjection of Life Is A Lemon (And I Want My Money Back) and If It Ain’t Broke, Break It.  The show began in a very happy place and very up-beat, but Meat Loaf spun the yarn to let us know there was turmoil in the air quickly.

The night was a maligned love story of two creative forces forged together through the catacombs of sex, and drugs, and rock and roll.  A story of two artists who are connected on a higher level.  You had to pay attention to get the story, but it is there.

However, as the opening dialogue of the classic You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) began, the tenuous cringe of anger over the dilemma at the start quickly faded to a magnificent smile of elation as Meat Loaf heard Jim Steinman’s voice boom through the sound system.  You could tell that tonight was a complete love letter and explanation of the tumultuous relationship between Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf.

The Neverland Express LiveThe show continued with the sultry duet of Dead Ringer For Love between Meat Loaf and new chanteuse Cian Coey, direct from the Rock Tales and Cocktails residency from Las Vegas.

The vibe of the room continued with the James Michael penned, Los Angeloser, and just like that the vibe of the room changed as Meat Loaf opened himself up, carefully explaining that the next song, The Giving Tree, was about a man who sold his soul to the Devil himself.

Although I am sure he would not admit openly, I believe that Meat Loaf gave us a peek into the secret folds of his life while away from his musical soul mate, Jim Steinman:

“I was temporarily blind by a neon dollar sign
It pacified my mind and whispered things are fine
Said, “Boy, if you wanna heal just sign this paper deal
You’ll never have to beg, no, you’ll never have to steal”

But when that giving tree stops giving
I’ve gotta get back to living, living like I did before
With a mattress on the floor and no food in my kitchen
I gotta get back to living like I did before
Living like I did before”

~ The Giving Tree

Paul Crook LiveThe physical acting of Meat Loaf and the various characters was painfully evident as the conversion from the sinner at the gates of hell turned over to the sinner at the gates of heaven when Meat Loaf brought us the “meat and potatoes” of a Meat Loaf concert with Jim Steinman penned Out Of The Frying Pan (And Into The Fire) fueled by the guitar riffs of Paul Crook running the audience headlong into the core of the Bat Out Of Hell album with All Revved Up With No Place To Go, Paradise By The Dashboard Light, and the title track Bat Out Of Hell.

With that, the lights fade to black but we are not done (by a mile), there is still show to go!  Meat Loaf served up a singalong version of Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad, featuring an epic piano solo by returning Neverland Express member Tom Brislin followed by one of the most beautiful musical arrangements of Meat Loaf’s biggest hit to date, I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That).  The thunder of the audience had not died down from Meat Loaf and Cian Coey’s duet when the band laid into the surprise setlist addition of Meat Loaf’s Midnight At The Lost And Found cover of Chuck Berry’s classic, The Promised Land, which faded into the guitar duel duet between Randy Flowers and Paul Crook ending of Free Bird and a last heaping helping serving of All Revved Up With No Place To Go.

All and all a magnificent night of theater and rock and roll presented well done by a true rock and roll legend.


  • Runnin’ For The Red Light (I Gotta Life)
  • Life Is a Lemon (And I Want My Money Back)
  • If It Ain’t Broke, Break It
  • You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
  • Dead Ringer for Love
  • Los Angeloser
  • The Giving Tree
  • Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)
  • All Revved Up With No Place to Go
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  • Bat Out of Hell


  • Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad
  • I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)
  • The Promised Land
  • Freebird
  • All Revved Up With No Place to Go (Reprise)

Lift Up – Don’t Tear Down

I believe we should all do what we can do to work hard to build ourselves up and in turn we should do whatever we can to help build up others, lift up the works of others, and in turn help convert the world of high stress and competition into an uplifting umbrella of hope and support for all types of endeavors.

Please – if you do not realize anything else today, know that you are important.  Please know that you matter.  Please know that each and every one of us here on Mothership Earth have a reason, a purpose, and will ultimately help make this a phenomenal place to not merely exist, but to grow, thrive, and excel as a human race.  In the vast expanse of eternity, your single accomplishments are but a pinprick, but through small pinpricks joined together beautiful tapestries of indelible tattoos will be forever forged on the face of the core of our very continuance.

Second; easement, invigoration, animation, and ultimately encouragement from one soul to another soul is commensurate with any hope for continued existence of our reality.  Individuals must provide their utmost effort to raise up and cheer on the attempts of others.   Competition is paramount, as when there are periods of lull in the continuum, there are also periods of lull in forwarding and advancing the very human race.  However, in the spirit of competition, we must also realize that without competitors, we are only running a race against ourselves, which is paramount in being counterproductive.

  • Let’s all commit to doing one thing to help out our fellow man, woman, robot, dragon, or whatever today… 
  • Let’s all commit to doing one thing that is selfless to help out someone who may be in need today…
  • Let’s all commit to stepping up and stepping outside of our comfort zone and doing something to help forward the universe today…

I will do my best to help out my fellow personage on this planet.  If we all do this, imagine what our Mothership Earth could be?

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

If you know me, you know that I battle depression on a daily basis and sometimes oftentimes on an hourly basis.  I allow the little things around me to get me down…well, that was then, this is now.

As of 12:00 noon on April 13, 2016 I am reclaiming my accomplishments, my passions, and most importantly…my life!

Not only do I have some deep rooted depression, but I also battle some physical limitations.  However, that battle is going to be won and going to be won – today!  Back on February 20, 2016, I fell and sprained both wrists and underwent physical therapy to get myself back to my status quo with that.  However, I started to press on and managed to purposefully walk 31.43 miles in the month of March 2016. So far in April 2016, I have walked 16.22 miles.  I am taking control over my physical laziness.  I am finding that the more I focus on my health – not only walking, but purposefully eating better and getting enough sleep – the more I find myself with a positive outlook on life.

Enough is enough…no more radio silence.  I will be blogging more.  I will be uploading more content.  I will be starting the journey to be a better person, and I hope you come along for the ride. Good things are coming!

Just as walking is a journey, step-by-step, so life is a journey, day-by-day.  These Are The Days Of Our Lives…and in making the concentrated decision to make every damn day amazing, I will find improvement all around me.  Care to join me on this journey?

Kakos Industries

Kakos Industries:  Doing Evil Better
Kakos Industries: Doing Evil Better

When you simply need to Do Evil Better, you have no other option than to seek the services of the multi-elusive Kakos Industries.  If you seek Amy, and want to cause her endless misery, then realize you are a shareholder in Kakos Industries and subscribe to the Shareholder Reports.  You can only access these reports if you are a shareholder.  You are a shareholder. You have no other option.

After the death of his grandfather, Corin Deeth, III  has taken over as the CEO of Kakos Industries, and provides us bimonthly updates on the goings on of this multinational destructionist entrepreneurial endeavor.

In all seriousness, if you need something that severely sick, twisted, and oh so hilarious, I would highly recommend subscribing to this podcast immediately.  I would highly recommend going back to Episode 1 and starting from the beginning with this one.  Updates to the Shareholders are released twice a month and include many stock elements such as the Ruin-A-Life Drawing and Things We’re Taking Credit For Now.

This is a raw black comedy and listener discretion is seriously advised.  The content of this podcast is for certain not safe for work and will make your new hole eager for the use and abuse Kakos Industries is ready to impale upon it.

You are already a shareholder, so why not subscribe to find out what is happening with the company that you willingly allow to destroy your investment portfolio with.  You can find out more about Kakos Industries and subscribe to this podcast by clicking on the corporate logo.

My Iowa Caucus Analysis

The nation’s first votes were officiated last night, proving once and for all that the State of Iowa was very much divided.  Here is my brief analysis of the numbers from last night’s Iowa Caucus “First In The Nation” Race.

Republican Side

Iowa Republican Caucus ResultsHad it been another poll and not an actual vote, Ted Cruz and Donald J. Trump would have been considered to be statistically tied (as their numbers were within the margin of error). Marco Rubio came in a very close third in the race.

Of note, even while the numbers were being counted, fourth place contender Ben Carson announced he was taking a break from the campaign trail to go home and get some fresh clothes and freshen up before the nation’s first actual primary in New Hampshire.  I would say this is a very poor move.

Another notable caucus result is that candidate Jim Gilmore only received 12 votes from the entire state of Iowa last night; however, “other” compiled a total of 112 votes in total.

The good news in the Republican Party column from last night is that Mike Huckabee announced he was suspending his candidacy for the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

It should also be noted that Rand Paul and Jeb Bush also garnered enough votes during the caucus race last night to walk away from the “first in the nation” voting with a positive Delegate count.

Democrat Side

Iowa Democrat Caucus ResultsIn a statical dead heat, neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders walked away with bragging rights from last night’s Iowa Caucus, although supporters on both sides of the Democratic Party fence sure are crowing loudly on social media in the aftermath of the voting from last night.

The elections were so close that the winner/looser of six separate precincts all came down to a literal coin toss to determine who would walk away with the support of the local area.  Hillary Clinton won all six coin tosses throughout the state, isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

At the end of the night, with less than 1% of the votes received, Martin O’Malley declared he was suspending his run for the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States of America last night.

Overall Analysis

It has been said time after time that the Iowa Caucus is rarely (if ever) a true barometer of the eventual outcome of either the individual party’s candidate or the nation’s eventual choice for President of the United States; however, taking into consideration the results of last night’s numbers, one would assume it is anyone’s call at this point how the nation will sway.  Sadly, the numbers woefully illustrate we are very much a nation divided.  It will be an interesting nine months for sure.  Thank you Iowa for laying down the gauntlet in a dog eat dog political season.